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    PostedWednesday, October 25,2017 at 12:16 PM
    Food Maker's Batch System Upgrade Expands Process Flexibility | Rockwell Automation
    Learn how a scalable, standardized batch system helped bread maker increase production, improve batch consistency and reduce cycle times more than 20%.
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    PostedThursday, August 10,2017 at 9:07 AM
    ECS is proud to announce that John Parraga, our Process Solution Specialist, was published recently in InTech Magazine. Read the full article here!
    Channel Chat: What else is in the box? Selecting a batch solution just got simpler - ISA
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    PostedFriday, November 13,2015 at 11:12 AM
    "When assessing risk, the first response to an issue should be to mechanically design it out, followed by mechanically guarding it, says Randy Otto, vice president of ECS Solutions, Inc. and CSIA member. The company also should control the issue. For ECS, this means developing a process control solution to minimize the need for an operator or technician to engage with or be around the physical equipment. “We do not design the physical equipment, but that does not mean we are not concerned about the operator’s safety or that we cannot do anything about it,” Otto says. “We like to think that we are virtualizing the equipment and allowing the operators to work on the virtual equipment.” Some programmers focus on developing a user interface to give the operator the minimum controls required, reducing an operator’s programming time, effort and cost. But Otto says ECS uses a standard solution to simplify screens while allowing the user to drill deeper for virtual access to the equipment. “We place every piece of information within the process control system into data and present it in filtered views to the operator to maintain simplicity,” Otto explains. Through this approach, Otto says operators can dedicate their focus to the process instead of the equipment, reducing mistakes and increasing quality. “The operators’ time around the physical equipment is minimized by allowing full access to the equipment virtually; our software can warn operators of dangers and prevent mistakes from happening.” ECS’s solution, the S88 Builder, is a program that runs any process. Otto describes its use in pipe animation: “We show when a pipe is charged and when the material is evacuated. The operator not only knows if the pipe is not clean, but also what material was run through it last. We give the operator every piece of info we can about the state of the equipment so he or she can stay in the control room where it is safe.” The program uses a process-focused HMI for intuitive operation. The solution is also consistent from one device to another and contains a built-in alert feature that navigates the operator to the alarm or event requiring attention. “Safety and ergonomics should be evaluated in every circumstance. However, designing a solution into the equipment always seems to be the best choice to protect the operators,” Otto says."
  • ECS Solutions, Inc. shared an update
    PostedTuesday, September 29,2015 at 11:27 AM

    Inductive Automation presented ECS Solutions, Inc. with an Ignition Firebrand Silver Award on September 23, 2015 as part of the 2015 Ignition Community Conference. The project that ECS built on Inductive Automation’s Ignition software helped a customer manage materials used as ingredients in a complex batch manufacturing process. The other 2015 Discover Gallery Finalists demonstrate the competency and creativity of the Ignition community. ECS is very proud and humbled to have been selected for this award. I am personally proud to be associated with all of the creative technical folks who work with me at ECS, including Erik Gross, our technical lead on this project. –Timothy S. Matheny, P.E., ECS Solutions’ President Your project was an exceptional and innovative use of the Ignition software. It’s always a thrill to see how our customers are using our software and we were amazed at the quality of your work. –Steven Galea, Inductive Automation ECS’ application helps our customer receive pallet quantities of product minor ingredients into one of two kit building areas. The vendor packages are broken down and measured into the required batch recipe quantities and individually bar coded. Whole and measured packages of multiple ingredients are packed into a kit which is then labeled for inventory and later addition to a wet batch. Raw ingredient remainders can be labeled and returned to the warehouse via the warehouse management system. ECS’ application works with the customer Enterprise Resource Planning system for real time tracking of all vendor lot codes into the end product lots. The solution manages approximately 250 ingredients including nine classes of allergens.