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  • Frakes Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    PostedWednesday, May 25,2016 at 3:39 PM

    INDIANAPOLIS - With growing concerns on securing critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks, Frakes Engineering joined 15 public and private sector organizations to raise awareness and train utility operators on cybersecurity in the water and wastewater industry last week. During the exercise, red teams (hackers) conducted real cyber-attacks on a real, operational water utility’s SCADA system at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Southern Indiana.  Critical Infrastructure Exercise 16.2, also known as Crit-Ex, is helping utility companies learn where those cyber weaknesses might be. Emergency Services Program Manager at Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Jennifer De Medeiros, said cyber security and cyber warfare have recently gained traction in the public’s eye.

    “I don’t think everybody understands the immediacy of the issue, or the fact that it is very real and it’s probably happening to them right now and they just don’t realize it,” said Jennifer De Medeiros. Vice-President and General Manager at Frakes Engineering, Cliff Campbell agreed that the threat is growing and highlighted some recent cyber hacks. “What happened to Sony?” said Cliff Campbell. “How many million dollars did it cost Sony? How much money did it cost Target? Now think how much is one life worth? Sony and Target lost money, what we are talking about here is something that people drink. Something that keeps people alive, and quite honestly the potential exists for people to hack into these systems. There was an example just a month ago where hackers broke into a system looking for billing information and inadvertently changed chemical set points related to potable water.”

    The organization caught the threat in time, but if it would have gone unnoticed, Campbell said they had the potential to put out non potable water.  “And when you’re talking about a system that could be incredibly overdosed with chlorine or chlorine totally removed from the system, you can really endanger a lot of lives. The financial hackers need to realize this,” said Cliff Campbell. Critex 16.2 demonstrated how easy it was to hack into a water plant’s control system as well as training operators to detect and defend against water attacks. “What this exercise is really formulated to do is, explore the intersection between critical infrastructure and cyber security. Understanding that cyber security and cyber incidents affect all sectors. Every critical infrastructure, all 16 of them and all of these effects are interrelated and interdependent,” said Jennifer De Medeiros.

    Without any delay, the hackers at the exercise were able to infiltrate the system as quick as 2.5 seconds. There are few government regulations currently that require utilities to protect their plants from cyber threats.  “The FBI can’t arrest its way out of a problem like this,” said Jay Abbot, Special Agent-in-Charge at FBI Indianapolis. “This is something that requires a very significant partnership with all of those entities, in order to be successful.” Other participating organizations include: Cyber Leadership Alliance, Pondurance, Rook Security, Citizens Energy Group, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Indiana Information Sharing & Analysis Center (IN-ISAC), Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Infragard Indiana, Indiana Office of Technology, Indiana National Guard, Indiana State Police, and US Department of Homeland Security.

    Check out a video on this exercise here:

    About Frakes Engineering
    Frakes Engineering is a leading, full-service control systems engineering/integration firm serving the automation needs of the water and wastewater, manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and paper and pulp markets since 1978. Our firm is comprised of an innovative and talented staff of 30+ employees; mostly engineers and programmers who specialize in the design and implementation of PC/PLC based open-architecture Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. We have vast experience in advanced automation including robotics, functional machine safety, machine vision, quality control, and industrial control systems cybersecurity.

    Visit our page on Water and Wastewater Cybersecurity.

  • Frakes Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    PostedFriday, March 11,2016 at 1:44 PM

    We spend a lot of time reviewing patch management, virtualization, firewalls and layered networks when discussing industrial control system cybersecurity tactics. But we tend to neglect simple physical security measures that can make a big difference in fending off attacks.

    Stuxnet, the first worm to target a control system, was only able to contaminate PLCs because of lapses in physical security practices. The Stuxnet virus was placed on an infected USB card that when plugged into a computer automatically scans for Siemens PLC software to override and command PLCs to do new tasks.

    There are many physical security gaps that if left opened can be as potentially damaging as network vulnerabilities. In general, physical security measures are the easiest parts of achieving 360° security. AWWA’s PCS Security Guidance document states that plants should control access to facilities but locking the control room, equipment cabinets and closets, and control panels. Unused network ports should be locked insuring USB drives with viruses can’t be plugged into them.

    The application of this guidance document is quite easy. Go back to what security meant 50 years ago by simply locking doors and control panels in your facility. This might be a pain, but it’s a must for securing your system. Have your SCADA system report when a door is opened at a remote booster station and customize rules for when an open door is a dial out alarm. This will increase employee safety as well.

    With your physical perimeter secure, block all unused USB and Ethernet ports so no one is allowed to download any unpermitted content to your system. You can buy USB port blockers on Amazon for under $20 dollars here:(

    By taking the time to implement these simple physical security measures, you can make a lasting impact on your plant’s security. For help with industrial control system cybersecurity, contact Frakes Engineering at (317) 577-3000 or
  • Frakes Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    PostedThursday, January 7,2016 at 2:37 PM

    When your company has worked with a controls system integrator multi-times on past projects, you know that integrator’s business practices and corporate culture. For those companies that have never partnered with a systems integrator before this journey may be intimidating. Advertisements can be unreliable. References are great, but often finding these references for CSIs takes time and may not produce any results. Many times contractors or manufacturing companies make their decision on subcontractors by who bids the project the lowest. But going with the lowest bidder may not always produce the best results for your project. A great way to ensure your partnership is a valuable one is to make partner submit statement of qualification. Here are some criteria you should keep in mind when you select your partner: Firm size based on annual revenue: Ask all the bidders on your project to provide you with their annual revenue for the past five years so you can be sure the firm has the resources necessary to sustain a major project Certifications: Certifications are similar to getting references. Certification in hardware and software show that an integrator has been trained by a leading industry providers. Other certifications to look for are CSIA, ISA, UL, T���V, etc. Experience: A control system integrator’s experience is everything. There is no degree in control system integration, there is only experience. Ask integrators to provide you with a list of similar projects that they have completed and their familiarity with certain applications. System Testing: Make sure the integrator you pick will adequately test the entire system before it is installed. When systems are not tested before installation, longer installation and cost can become a risk. Follow Up History: Ask each integrator about their follow up protocol. Many times problems will not be noticed with a system for months or even years. Some integrators may be reluctant to come back to fix the problem initially because it’s not in their contract.
    How to Develop a SOQ Packet | Frakes Engineering
    » How to Develop a Statement of Qualifications Packet | Industrial and Municipal Automation and Process Control Systems since 1978
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Frakes Engineering brings control system integration expertise combined with firsthand plant floor experience and deep industrial IT understanding to solve automation challenges in the automotive, water and wastewater, paper and pulp, food and beverage, metals, glass and plastics, and pharmaceutical markets. Our talented staff of engineers specializes in the design and implementation of PC/PLC based open-architecture Supervisory Control & Data Acquisitions (SCADA) systems.

Our solutions help our customers employ new technologies that enable better business decisions by giving plants global data access, increased security and safety, and lower error margins all while running with better efficiency and productivity. We provide solutions ranging from small line migrations to large scale automation with thousands of I/O points.
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  • PostedThursday, January 7,2016 at 2:57 PM

    The Instrumentation Solutions Group of Frakes Engineering specializes in the installation, calibration and commissioning of instrumentation. We can provide and service a wide range of instruments that drive,
    adjust, measure and monitor process operations.

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  • PostedThursday, January 7,2016 at 2:56 PM

    At Frakes Engineering, our engineers have developed a high-quality measuring system for all your metrology needs. We know that measuring systems must measure the smallest detail to the highest degree of accurancy Frakes Engineering can build a measuring system to your needs. Whether you need to measure large sheets or smaller parts, our engineers can make a measuring system that is unique to your needs.

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  • PostedThursday, January 7,2016 at 2:55 PM

    Frakes Engineering provides emergency service 24 hours a day. We understand that when your plant is down, every minute counts. Whether it’s lost production time or out of compliance process control, you need someone working on the problem. We realize you need a human to proactively get the right person dispatched to your site, with the right information so they are ready to hit the ground running.

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