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Roger Cardona COO Kamati Ltda Yumbo, Valle

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Looking for an SI to support us in subjects of vibration and temp sensors for motor bearings/pillow blocks
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We are currently looking for an Integrator company that support us in the estimated of a protection system for the motor of a shredder in a sugar mill machine for one of our customers in Colombia, the specific need is to sense the temperature and the vibration of the  two bearings (plummer block/pillow block) of the shredder, send the data to a PLC or a reception device to show this in a hmi, i.e: what kind of sensor should we use, what kind of output that it has, installation area, etc. Need the products and all the knowledge to support on the subject.
The shredder is a SwinBack type of 60 hammers, electric motor 13200 V, 1000HP and 900rpm. The Brand name of the bearings is FAG with a 200mm diameter rotor shaft.
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  • Answered Saturday, May 14,2016 at 8:28 AM
    We do this all the time in the grain elevator industry. We typically deploy a networked solution that is Intrinsically Safe and integrates very elegantly to a PLC. We even program these down to the health bits of the sensors to immediately alarm (and sometimes take operational actions) if any sensor has a problem. We have implement very many systems like this.