Guest Blogging Opportunity

Industrial Automation Exchange Guest Blog Opportunity - (A “How-To” Guide)

The Control System Integrators Association invites all CSIA Exchange subscribers with a Gold Profile (or package) to contribute original blog articles (never published before) on subjects of interest to industrial automation clients. The blogs are featured on the CSIA Industrial Automation Exchange. This is an excellent way to extend your brand and Exchange value. Over 30,000 people focused on industrial automation and control systems visit the Exchange annually! Reach them by guest blogging on the Industrial Automation Exchange.
Read the guide for all the FAQs and contact Tony Veroeven ( with any questions. Download our How-To Guide for more details.

The content:

  • Keep your article focused on manufacturing/processing/engineering, or explain why the information you’re sharing is relevant to someone in those industries. Share and educate.
  • Include your name, title and a headshot photo.
  • Include the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW and HOW MUCH (not necessarily $, but scope of project) of your topic. And don’t forget the WHY – it can be the most critical element.
  • Case studies are the most viewed articles on B2B sites. Share your company’s expertise and you’re sure to have a popular blog.
  • Share your experiences. What may seem day-to-day or mundane to you may be a challenge to someone else.
  • Include as much detail as possible. Your audience is technically oriented and will want to know the facts about the technologies you’re referencing.
  • Suggest tips based on your observations.​
    • “The Top 3 Ways SCADA Software is Misused”
    • “The Most Common Mistakes Made When Specifying Motors”
    • “The 5 Things You Must Do When Developing an Alarm Management Strategy”
    • “Industrial Internet of Things: Hype or Reality?”
    • “’How-to’ Cybersecurity Guide for Industrial Networks”

Blog Article Template:

CSIA Exchange Blog Content
Author name and title, link to your website. Links to your company and individual Exchange profile will be included. Articles end with standard footer that link to their profile, their webpage, their own blog, and social media handles if applicable.

Example: [Author] is [title] at [company name], a [CSIA/Certified/Partner] member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). Learn more about [company name] on the Industrial Automation Exchange.
Consider including a Google UTM Tracking codes to assist you in tracking traffic from back links in your Google Analytics.

More resources for how to write a blog:

Blog FAQs:

What topics are appropriate for the blog?

Stick with topics related to the implementation or use of an automated system (hardware and/or software) in the manufacturing or processing industries. Our visitors are engineers and plant managers in manufacturing and processing who will turn to the CSIA Exchange Blog as a trusted source on the use of automation technologies.

Who “owns” the content?

You and your company own the content. CSIA only reserves the right to publish the content you submit on its web and social properties.

Can we reuse the CSIA Exchange articles on our website or in our company newsletter?

You are free to reuse the content in your own publication after it’s published in on the CSIA Exchange. It’s good practice to link to the original content.

Can we submit information that has been previously published elsewhere?

  • This is acceptable if the version used for the CSIA Exchange Blog is substantially different than the version published elsewhere.
  • Write about the same topic, but use a different spin.
  • We ask that you not copy/paste your unique CSIA Exchange Blog articles on other industry sites unless you attribute the original article.
  • Overall, keep in mind that good search engine optimization demands unique content.

What is the word limit?

Word count should be at least 350-400 and no more than 750.

Can different people from the same company contribute?

Yes. Please submit a photo and title for each contributor.

What is the focus of the CSIA Exchange Blog?

  • Industrial automation and control systems engineering
  • Written with the automation client in mind

Who is the audience?

Clients, engineers, operators and plant managers across the entire range of process and manufacturing industries (oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, aerospace, discrete OEMs, etc.).

Who are the authors and contributors?

  • System integrators and suppliers write articles featuring their projects, new technologies, industry trends, project profiles, etc.
  • The opportunity to contribute articles to the Exchange Blog is an exclusive benefit for Gold Profile subscribers. Only those companies with an Exchange Gold Profile may participate.
  • The Exchange Community Manager will act as curator, editor, and some-time contributor, but not as a subject matter expert. Note that CSIA may edit your article for typos and clarity.

Where will it appear?

  • The blog will be prominently display on the homepage.
  • Your articles and Exchange profiles will be linked.