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  • PostedMonday, July 28,2014 at 4:52 PM

    The dynamic production reporting software, zenon Analyzer, from COPA-DATA dynamically provides reports on production and equipment efficiency in real-time. It compiles historical data and online data from any desired source, from the automation infrastructure through to IT, into meaningful reports. The interactive report configuration, with drill-down and drill-through competence, as well as the export of reports into Office formats makes it easier to make individual adaptations and implement automatic dispatch. zenon Analyzer supports benchmarking and quality control and allows the analysis of historical data to identify improvement potential. The clear display of key figures and KPIs such as OEE and reports on production efficiency, consumption management, downtime analyses etc. help to optimize production and contribute to a rapid return on investment.

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  • PostedMonday, July 28,2014 at 4:51 PM

    zenon Supervisor, the platform-independent SCADA system from COPA-DATA, professionalizes the comprehensive visualization and control of large facilities and supports the optimization of production processes. Over 300 native communication protocols ensure excellent connectivity and easy integration into heterogeneous facilities. The simple setting of parameters, consistent reusability of objects, the many ready-to-use templates and intelligent wizards make engineering easier and rapid. Encrypted data transfer within the network, well-secured access via a web browser and integrated functions such as data archiving and evaluation, trending, alarming, user administration and message control are the final touches of the product package. With zenon Logic, an IEC 61131-3-based PLC system for optimum process control and logical data processing is already integrated.

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  • PostedMonday, July 28,2014 at 4:50 PM

    zenon Operator is the HMI system from COPA-DATA for all Windows operating systems. It is specialized in simple and ergonomic control of machines and equipment. With its clear and intuitive operation, including multitouch, zenon Operator is orientated to the requirements of modern ergonomics and usability. Automated switching of languages and measuring units allows it to be easily used in an international setting. Its Chameleon Technology, with color palettes that can be changed with a mouse click, allows individual design and quick adaptation to changing conditions of use. Consistent re-usability, a well-developed Recipegroup Manager and flexible alarm management serve to optimize configuration and operation. With zenon Logic, an IEC 61131-3-based PLC system for optimum process control and logical data processing is already integrated.

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