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James Brown VP Sales/Marketing Phone800.722.6999
Gene Cottom Western Region Sales Manager Phone(510) 594-4223
Ralph Royall Senior Sales Manager Phone(510) 594-4226
RACO Manufacturing and Engineering was founded in 1948 with the objective of providing high-quality electronic monitoring systems designed for applications that require remote communications. Since that time, the RACO product line has grown into a family of reliable alarm notification and data logging systems that use the latest technologies to streamline your business and save you money. Though our product line has grown, one thing has remained constant — our commitment to providing the highest-quality remote monitoring and data logging solutions. Whether you need M2M wireless communications with OPC data connectivity, or a wired communication solution such as EtherNet/IP™ or Modbus® TCP to monitor a new installation or an existing system, RACO offers the solution that will provide peace of mind for your aplication.
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Rockwell Automation Solution Partner
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John Shaffner (Process Controls Corp): RACO continues to develop features to satisfy the most demanding of applications. Great company. Great products.
Deborah Daily RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc.
Chip Miller (Miller Energy): NJ municipality needed to monitor numerous pump stations via centralized redundant computer terminal. Equipment met ALL expectations.
Deborah Daily RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc.
James Birkenberger (JWB Co.): Verbatim Gateway-Most reliable and robust alarm notification product for our customers who use PLC and programmable RTU based SCADA
Deborah Daily RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc.
Adrian S. (Cisco) - RACO Mfg. offers smart solutions with a complete line of alarm & event monitoring & reporting systems (Email, PA, Text, Fax, Phone, Wireless, M2M)
Deborah Daily RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc.
Rick Goeldner (Innovative Solutions): Use Catalyst to receive alarms via a MicroLogix PLC having the Modbus RTU Slave protocol. Highly recommend for 24/7 monitoring
Deborah Daily RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc.
Shawn LeFleur (VP Willco Inc.): Our customers can see all the data available thru a dedicated website & get alarm notifications via cellular. Info is easily accessed.
Deborah Daily RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc.