Diamax Information Systems Partners
144 Church St. NW Suite 350 Test line 4 Vienna VA 22180 United States
Phone 1703.752.6237 ext. 012
FaxRO (+40) 123.456.789
Verified Partnerships
Employees25 to 100

Diamax uses its product Miliu, a SaaS platform, to build digital exchanges that connect relevant people inside rich content enabling them to ask and answer questions, solve problems, make decisions, learn and get inspired. We take great care to handpick talented, creative, passionate, and brainy individuals to dive into the rich and dynamic projects at Diamax. Over the past 16 years, leading associations and organizations such as the World Ban

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Verified Partnerships
Pulp, paper & textiles
Printing & publishing
Pulp, paper & textiles
Information Technologies
Cyber security
Wireless communications
Project management
Information Technologies
Information Management
Advanced Analytics
Alarm Management
Data Logging Software
Historian Software
HMI, OI Hardware
HMI, OI Software
Individual PCs
Manufacturing IT, MES
OPC Software
PLM, control design
Information Management
Microsoft (not a CSIA member)
US - South East