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  • Scientific Chamber Temperature Control - University of North Carolina Success Story

    PostedThursday, March 2,2017 at 9:22 AM

    Affinity Energy worked with local university to provide an “open systems” alternative for critical temperature-controlled research rooms. Some store critical products in the millions of dollars and others provide the base for performing critical research to life science. The room temperature must be very accurate, within half a degree, due to the controlled experiments conducted in these rooms.

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  • Wireless Communications Infrastructure - PV Solar Plant Success Story

    PostedThursday, February 23,2017 at 8:55 AM

    A 80MW solar farm in North Carolina needed controls and insight on a site spanning 800 acres. The primary concern was ensuring communications reliability over long distances, and creating a redundant network to ensure continued reporting...without breaking the bank.

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  • SCADA Audible Alerting - A Southeast Hospital Success Story

    PostedFriday, February 17,2017 at 11:48 AM

    A large hospital system in the Southeast with multiple Central Energy Plants chose Affinity Energy to implement an audible alerting functionality into their previously existing SCADA system. While the "main" CEP, which is staffed 7x24x365, already had the ability to view alarms at remote and unmanned CEP locations, it was imperative to the customer that critical alarms were not missed when local operators were away from the control room performing maintenance or working on other tasks.

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  • EPMS Commissioning - QTS Data Center Success Story

    PostedTuesday, February 14,2017 at 8:34 AM

    Imagine how complicated it would be to commission an electrical power management system (EPMS) for the nation’s third largest data center with multiple entities involved, including design, construction, engineering, integration, installation and testing. Now imagine completing the task in 90 days.

    That’s exactly what faced Affinity Energy when called upon by Quality Technology Systems (QTS), one of the premier data center operators in the world.

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  • Waste-to-Energy SCADA System Based on PLCs - Concord Energy Renewable Gas to Energy Plant Success Story

    PostedFriday, February 3,2017 at 2:03 PM

    Municipalities looking for a renewable energy source can simply look to their local landfill. First, we won’t be running out of trash anytime soon. Second, the organic waste in landfills can generate a tremendous amount of methane gas. And that gas must be dealt with somehow. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, methane gas has a global warming potential 25 times greater than carbon dioxide.

    Converting this gas to energy has both economic and environmental benefits. This has fueled a growing trend of cooperation and partnership between landfill operators and energy utilities.

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