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    Soft skills every engineer needs to execute a successful project.
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    Many engineers hone technical skills, but never have the opportunity to develop the soft skills needed to drive greater project success.
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    Get a better picture of energy expenses by tracking consumption and demand by system, department, process, or product with submeters.
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    When it comes to energy and power, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s where submeters come into play! Learn more at
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    When solar downtime occurs, the last thing owners/operators want to be is in the dark. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen energy loss onsite and thought: This was totally preventable.
    How Affinity Energy Helps You Manage Your Solar Assets - Affinity Energy
    There are so many challenges for PV solar sites. Fortunately for owners and operators, that’s where Affinity Energy’s solar expertise comes into play.
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As a power and energy systems integrator, Affinity Energy designs, builds, programs, integrates, commissions, and services turnkey or a la carte SCADA, EPMS, PLCs, submetering, power management, and other instrumentation and control solutions. Using industry-standard open protocols, we serve Mission Critical industries such as data centers, utility-scale solar, medical campus central utility plants, manufacturing, waste-to-energy, and airports.
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Even though we had a brand-new environment, we were considering replacing virtually new equipment and starting over, which obviously would have presented a huge cost and time commitment. Affinity Energy became involved and helped us work with the equipment we had to make it work more effectively for our situation. They understood our frustrations and truly wanted to help.
Richard Oswald Systems Specialist, Woman’s Hospital
Not only is the HMI Affinity Energy designed for us a lot easier to navigate, having the capability to plug into the controller to conduct maintenance and troubleshooting is a real home run for our techs.
Mark Obenshain Assistant Director – HVAC Operations, UNC Chapel Hill
The commissioning of the EPMS was the smoothest that I have ever experienced. Affinity Energy engineers demonstrated professionalism and responsiveness that is hard to find in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure construction environment.
Brandon Sedgwick Project Manager, Hood-Patterson & Dewar, Inc.
Affinity Energy came to our aid without hesitation and as soon as humanly possible. They were flexible enough to work late hours on the weekend, and finished an entire day faster than we anticipated.
Walt Perryman Operating Engineer, Jones Lang LaSalle
Affinity Energy helped integrate a preexisting SCADA into Duke Energy's site overlay, and provided the necessary support for our O&M techs to understand the system. Now we have more effective monitoring and uptime for our newly acquired sites.
Paul Donley Senior Development Engineer at Duke Energy
The redundant SCADA monitoring and control system integrated by Affinity Energy has greatly enhanced the situational awareness of our power system infrastructure and improved our remote breaker control operation from minutes to a matter of seconds.
Ray Wood Electronics/Communications Superintendent, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Because of Affinity Energy’s solution, we save approximately $6,000 per month; $12,000 during the summer months. Without the monitoring and measuring systems Affinity Energy help put in place, we would not have the means to even begin making energy saving decisions.
Olda Gardon Maintenance Manager at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry
Working on a solar farm is tough. The unpredictable environment, isolated locations, and taxing schedules challenge even the best of companies. We've worked with Affinity Energy on over a dozen solar projects. On every single one of those projects, their field services team gets the job done on time. And at the end of the day, that's what is most important to us!
David Giles Operations & Maintenance Manager at SunEnergy1
At Gateway Village, the submeters and software installed by Affinity Energy allow us to spend less time generating reports and more time understanding how energy is used in our buildings, and proactively identifying opportunities for energy reduction.
David Edwards Group Engineering Manager, Cousins Properties Incorporated
The base wide electrical power management system (EPMS) SCADA system developed by Affinity Energy is an indispensable part of our electrical distribution system. It's based on a virtualized, redundant Wonderware SCADA architecture that gives our Marine Corps Air Station maintenance personnel a secure, reliable, and easy way to manage our medium voltage substation equipment similar to an electric utility. Now maintenance takes half the time, and unexplained downtime has virtually been eliminated.
Craig Bruns IT Specialist at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point
When my client needed a Modicon M340 PLC solution for a 135MWDc solar farm, I knew exactly who to go to. Affinity Energy's expertise with mission critical power systems and PLCs turned a fire drill into a cake walk.
Ken Agee President, Critical Power Resource LLC
What keeps me up at night? Worrying about keeping our facility running reliably, safely, and efficiently. Knowing I can rely on alerts from our SCADA system designed and installed by Affinity Energy helps me rest easy.
Alex DiGiacomo Maintenance Supervisor at University of Virginia Health System