Talking Industrial Automation

The Talking Industrial Automation Podcast is a show to help you get to know the people that make modern manufacturing and processing possible, along the way we will touch on integration technology, trends and challenges. If you are manufacturer, end user/client, supplier or system integrator interested in industrial automation,you will enjoy the insights CSIA Members will bring to this podcast. CSIA is the Control System Integrators Association, and exists to improve the professionalism of system integrator businesses. When a client wants to hire a system integrator, they must perform a deep vetting process.

Automation clients that hire a CSIA Certified System Integrator know that their integrator has superior project management skills, and is financially robust. CSIA Certified means qualified integrators. 

Tony Veroeven - Host of Talking Industrial AutomationAs membership and marketing manager of CSIA, I am very interested in helping elevating the profession of system integrators, and helping CSIA members demontrate This will be the goal of our podcast; to educate the industry including  automation end users about system integration.

In this podcast you'll hear interviews with CSIA system integrators and leading system integrators. They are experts in solving the most difficult manufacturing and processing problems. We'll share case studies, project profiles and stories of the people behind them.

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