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Integration expertise keeps your assembly lines rolling smoothly

CSIA members specializing in automotive production offer more than just technical integration skills. They understand the industry and the requirements that go along with it. Need help finding a systems integrator? Chat with us (below,right) or complete this form and get help within one business day.

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Our members offer a wide range of product and system solutions, including assembly conveyors, parts tracking, production reporting, operator interface, material handling, safety compliance and many other applications.

  • Systems that control and monitor manual processes, continuous processes, transfer press controls, paint booth operations, vision inspection systems, data collection, lot traceability, part assembly and conveying systems.
  • Automated plant utility systems with basic plant utilities that also provide steam for heating and cleaning, deionized water, dust collection systems, HVAC controls, solvent monitoring, paint mixing and dosing, and EPA monitoring of exhausts.
  • Control and automation solutions for applications, including painting, part assembly, tracking and traceability, RFID, machine vision, part washing, conveying, press controls, welding, forging and packaging.

When your automotive project requires automation and integration, let CSIA be your guide. You can be confident you will get the solution and results you need with a control system integrator who belongs to CSIA.

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