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  • Kerry  Grimes
    Kerry Grimes , AVEVA Solutions Limited
    AddedJanuary 14, 2022 AT 5:45 PM

    Kerry K. Grimes is SVP and Global Head of Partners, AVEVA Partner Network.


    How do you describe to lay people what you do?
    How do I describe what I do? It’s digital transformation, but digital transformation for older ...
  • Adrian  Fahey
    Adrian Fahey , SAGE Group
    AddedDecember 14, 2021 AT 2:41 PM

    Adrian Fahey is managing director and CEO of SAGE Group in Australia.

    Do you specialize in any industry, product or discipline, why or why not?
    Our story to date has been one of diversification. Starting in one industry sector in automotive, ...
  • Sam  Cafferata
    Sam Cafferata , Concept Systems Inc.
    AddedNovember 19, 2021 AT 5:52 PM

    Sam Cafferata is principal engineer and Controls Group Team Leader for Concept Systems.

    Thank you to Xometry for sponsoring this episode. 


    Concept is a CSIA-certified control system integrator. When someone asks, “Why should I hire CSIA-certified?” what would you tell them?
    Certification means that you’re going to be getting a qualified integrator and you’re going to be ...
  • Brandon  Ellis
    Brandon Ellis , elliTek, Inc.
    AddedSeptember 16, 2021 AT 5:27 PM

    Brandon Ellis is the Founder and President of elliTek.

    Do you specialize in any industry, product or discipline?
    We like to say we’re known as the iPhone of MES data movement -- empowering our clients to really ...
  • John  Weber
    John Weber , Software Toolbox Inc.
    AddedAugust 17, 2021 AT 5:05 PM

    John Weber is president and founder of Software Toolbox, Matthews, North Carolina.

    Do you specialize in any industry, product or discipline?
    We specialize in customer experience. I know everybody says that now. But we’ve been doing it since ...
  • Josh  Riley
    Josh Riley , Enterprise Automation
    AddedAugust 4, 2021 AT 4:15 PM

    Josh Riley is principal and Luke Stephenson is business manager for Enterprise Automation, Irvine, California. This bonus episode is sponsored by Aveva. Below is a partial transcript of the conversation.

    How much of your business is repeat?
    Luke Stephenson: About 80% to 85% of our business is repeat. Let me describe how we define that. ...
  • David  Musto
    David Musto , Thermo Systems LLC
    AddedJuly 22, 2021 AT 5:03 PM

    David Musto is president, CEO and co-founder of Thermo Systems LLC

    Q: Do you specialize in any industry, product or discipline, and why or why not?
    A: We focus primarily in three areas: mission critical, the data center market; district energy, ...
  • Bryan  Powrozek CPA, CGMA, MBA
    AddedJune 14, 2021 AT 7:39 AM

    Bryan Powrozek is a manager with Clayton & McKervey, a global tax and accounting firm in Southfield, Michigan. This is a partial transcript of his interview on Talking Industrial Automation podcast.

    But this doesn’t mean the company should avoid digital transformation, right?
    No, not at all. In fact, if you’re just going to try and bury your head in the sand and say, “Well, ...
  • Barry  Anderson
    Barry Anderson , Latsa Learning Services Pty Ltd
    AddedMay 17, 2021 AT 10:33 AM

    Barry Anderson is a director at LATSA Learning Services, an Australian-based company that provides a suite of management consulting and certified, customized project and process management training services. The following is a partial transcript of the full interview.

    Do you specialize in any industry, product or discipline?
    We specialize in training and business analysis and process improvement. Our services really cover ...