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  • Patti Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    Posted3 days AGO
    Think of an engineering degree as giving you a 10-meter head start over your fellow graduates in the race of life.
    Why Study Engineering? - Patti Engineering
    by Sam Hoff, CEO Maybe you are considering a career in engineering but you really like people, or you like to read and write, or you like to do only research, or you want to be in sales. You might be surprised to learn that none of these passions are ...
  • Superior Controls, Inc. shared an update
    Posted6 days AGO
    Superior Controls Named Among “Best-of-the-Best” Professional Service Organizations - Superior Controls
    Financial performance, client satisfaction, tremendous growth and employee-centric culture are among the key factors earning Superior Controls the distinction of SPI Research’s 2017 Best-of-the-Best professional services organizations (PSO). Seabro ...
  • Patti Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    Posted6 days AGO
    Interested in learning about using UHF RFID in a manufacturing setting?  Join us!
    Siemens Solution Partner Patti Engineering to Present Seminar “UHF RFID on the Factory Floor” at Manufacturing in America Symposium in Detroit on March 23, 2017 - Patti Engineering
    Controls Engineer Ian Mogab will host a technical seminar to share expertise on using Siemens technology to install UHF RFID in industrial settings.  Auburn Hills, MI – March 16, 2017 – Patti Engineering, Inc., a leading control system integrati ...
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted9 days AGO
    Our new State of the IIoT white paper helps summarize some of the IIoT challenges, predicting trends, and recommending specific approaches for 2017.
    OptoNews: New white paper - 2017 State of the IIoT
    Read predictions and recommendations for standards, platforms, and overcoming challenges in your Industrial Internet of Things applications
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted9 days AGO
    Updates available now: PAC Project Basic is free automation software for control programming and HMI, and is used with our SNAP PAC controllers.
    OptoNews: PAC Project R9.6002 released
    PAC Project Software Suite includes control programming, HMI development and runtime, and more
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted9 days AGO
    While the IIoT consists of some pretty amazing technologies, there are still a lot of questions around how those technologies will be blended together to create value-added applications.
    Building the IIoT With DevOps
    Learn about DevOps and how it will be used to bridge OT and IT to build the industrial Internet of Things.
  • Affinity Energy shared an update
    Posted11 days AGO
    Historically, solar string monitoring is expensive. What if you had a temporary solution that analyzed site data a few times per year?
    What If Solar String Monitoring Was An Affordable, Temporary Solution?
    Historically, string monitoring is too expensive. But what if you had a temporary solution that analyzed PV site data a few times a year at a fraction of the c…
  • Patti Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    Posted11 days AGO
    Is vision right for your industrial automation system?
    Do I Need a Vision System for my Robot or Should I Fly Blind? - Patti Engineering
    by Joe Palace, Senior Electrical Engineer When a robot performs an application, a process, or a validation check on a part, it relies on that part being the same size and being in the exact location before it does its routine. But what if this part i ...
  • Huffman Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    Posted11 days AGO
    Our co-op Katie Johnson discusses the basics of the PLC.
    What Is a PLC? | Huffman Engineering
    Huffman Engineering Inc. is a Nebraska based engineering design and build firm specializing in engineering services and control systems integration including custom control panels, PLC programming, operator interface programming and instrumentation.
  • Loman Control Systems, Inc. shared an update
    Posted11 days AGO
    Data or Information? - Loman Control Systems
    I just got back from a week in North Dakota. I wasn’t working, I was on vacation. We were visiting our son. North Dakota – February, it was cold. How cold was it you ask? It was so cold I…
  • Affinity Energy shared an update
    Posted12 days AGO
    Just because data exists, doesn’t mean you need to monitor it. Screen minimalism brings attention to problems quicker than a screen full of data an operator has to hunt through to find the anomaly.
    Solar Tracker Monitoring: You’re Doing It Wrong
    The biggest problem I see with trackers is their abundant data, much of which is unnecessary for day to day monitoring. Let’s talk about what information you should and shouldn’t specify...
  • Carlton-Bates Company shared an update
    PostedFriday, March 10,2017 at 12:56 PM
    Carlton-Bates Company CBC announces the launch of its new Strategic Alliance Program for System Integrators. We welcome you to learn more.  CBC – Our Expertise. Your Advantage.
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  • Superior Controls, Inc. shared an update
    PostedFriday, March 10,2017 at 12:53 PM
    The University of Massachusetts Lowell Frances Academy of Distinguished Engineers has honored Superior Controls' President and CEO Rick Pierro.
    Pierro honored by Academy of Distinguished Engineers - Superior Controls
    Rick Pierro, president and CEO of Superior Controls, was recognized by the University of Massachusetts  Lowell for,  in part, “having achieved a distinguished record of leadership in his chosen profession …and performing outstanding service to ...