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    Posted2 days AGO
    An EPMS is a specialized SCADA system, geared toward electrical distribution. You can even connect an EPMS to other corporate systems like production, ticketing, building automation, and work order management.
    What is an EPMS? How is it different than SCADA?
    EPMS is a tool that allows owners to take control of their power and energy costs by managing capacity and visualizing electricity distribution.
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    Posted3 days AGO
    A systems integrator’s take on VTScada.
    Is VTScada is the right solution for you?
    Do you need a redundant, multi-generational, cost-effective SCADA solution? Here's why VTScada may or may not work for your environment.
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    Posted6 days AGO
    The Dent PowerScout might be for you if...
    Interested in the Dent PowerScout 24?
    The Dent PowerScout might be for you need to submeter multiple circuits or loads in the same geographic area, you require Modbus or BACnet protocol, you want an easy installation...
  • Huffman Engineering, Inc. shared an update
    Posted7 days AGO
    Our customer is thrilled, read what he had to say...
    Huffman Engineering Successfully Completes State-of-the-Art Control System Design and Installation for City of Omaha Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade | Huffman Engineering
    by Huffman Engineering | Apr 19, 2017 | News, Press Releases | 0 comments
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    Posted7 days AGO
    A Campbell Scientific Data Logger might be for you if…
    Campbell Scientific Data Logger System Integrator
    Our top 5 reasons to specify a Campbell Scientific data logger include instrument variety, low power usage, logging redundancy, customization, and multiple communication methods.
  • Affinity Energy shared an update
    Posted8 days AGO
    Overspecifying or underspecifying device points needlessly drives up SCADA implementation costs.
    SCADA: Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should
    More device points doesn't necessarily indicate a better SCADA system. In fact, overspecified points mean more expense in terms of design and licensing...and hardly any additional benefit to the end user. Learn more at