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Mark Moriarty Program Manager, SI/SP Phone414-382-3715
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Mark Moriarty Mgr.-System Integrator Programs Phone(262) 751-6054
Tim Ogden Mgr. Global Partner Pgms Phone(414) 382-8169
Robert Swim Program Manager, Process Channels Phone(440) 646-5629
David Blair Director of Customer Experience at Rockwell Automation Phone(262) 751-6054
Rob Windle Manager - Information Solutions, Channels & Partner Programs
Rod Michael Director, Global Market Access Strategy Phone(414) 382-3833
Scott Teerlinck Phone65 x 65106888
Chris Marshall Market Access Director for SEA Phone+65 6510 6688
S. Ravikrishnan Director, Market Access Phone+65 6510 6688
Kathleen Lee Marketing Administrator Phone+65 6510 6688
Vivek Dhawan Market Access Manager - North
Dilip Sawhney Regional Director
K. Srinath Business Manager - A & S
Steven Goh Marketing Director Phone+6566225188
Meenu Singhal Market Access Manager Phone+91 9811150530
Antoon Laane Product Marketing Manager - Controllers Phone(322) 661-4607
Antonio Medina Regional Channel Manager Phone(262) 751-6054
Francis Dowd Market Development - Global Sales and Marketing Phone(414) 526-6096
Robert Billy Global Program Manager - Process Partners Phone(614) 776-3021
Raul Groszmann Regional Power & Control Business Manager
Nicolas Barros Branch Manager Venezuela
Andres Valderrama Manager, Process Control
Joseph Sousa Vice President Latin American Region Phone(954) 306-7910
Dustin Bly Director Business Development, Latin American Region Phone(954) 306-7924
David Jasinski Sr. Product Specialist Low Voltage Drives Business Phone(262) 512-2610
Rafael Balcazar Account Manager
Alejandro Capparelli Director Solution and Services Business Latin America Region Phone(954) 306-7916
Reynaldo Baptista Branch Office Manager North/Northeast
Patricio Gomez Regional Marketing Lead, Process Business Latin America Region Phone(954) 306-7925
Vagner Alvares Sales Engineer Phone551932556162
Rafael Villamizar Oil & Gas Business Mgr, Latin America Region Phone(954) 306-7933
Raymond Schmitz Field Business Leader (Power Solutions)
Marcelo Petrelli Branch Office Manager
Christian Gimenez Sales Engineer
Ravikrishnan Srinivasan SI/SP Management-Asia Pacific
Jerry St-Amand Phone(403) 837-1340
Rafael Stifano Director General Mexico
Ko Cheng Han SI/Strategic Partners Manager
Paulo Rocha Field Business Leader
Michael Jammal Encompass Program Manager Phone(414) 382-2447
Nick Goebel Global Director, Customer Training Services
Thomas Schaefer Phone(414) 213-4916
Reto Berner Director EMEA Channels Phone410628897807
Polo Paredes Phone(330) 840-9985
Stephen Lawlor System Integrator Program Manager, Asia Pacific Phone+65 9729 2463
Jeffry Childress Account Manager - Water and Wastewater Phone9495331160
Joe Krall Software Test
Alejandra Quevedo Sales Leader Phone(787) 300-6200
Klaus Schwarz Phone+4367688389216
German Marcano Solution Arq. Area Manager Phone(262) 751-6054
Mauro Shirasuna End User Account Manager Phone(262) 751-6054
Glen Jacob Food & Beverage Industry Manager Phone(262) 751-6054
Patrick Blommaert Field Business Leader Phone(262) 751-6054
Marc Hunter Global Process Consultant Phone(630) 418-8432
Steve Ewankowich OEM Account Manager Phone(919) 306-9768
Luis Carrilo Sales Manager Phone(262) 751-6054
Wilson Rojas Phone+51 996283860
Latest Updates
  • Rockwell Automation shared an update
    PostedMonday, July 11,2016 at 3:54 PM
    Rockwell Automation has learned about the existence of a malicious file called ‘’ that is being distributed on the Internet. This file is NOT an official update from Rockwell Automation, and we have been informed that this file contains a type of ransomware malware that, if successfully installed and launched, may compromise the victim’s computer. This advisory is intended to raise awareness to control system owners and operators of reports of the file’s existence as a result of reports Rockwell Automation received from the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (‘E-ISAC’).”
    Get the complete story below. Contact Rockwell with any concerns or questions.
    Ransomware Masked as Rockwell Update «
    By Gregory Hale A ransomware attack is hitting the manufacturing automation industry posing as an Allen-Bradley update. In an email obtained by
  • Rockwell Automation shared an update
    PostedTuesday, June 28,2016 at 10:31 AM

    Implementing a combined heat and power (CHP) application helped this Virginia plant boost profitability and reduce greenhouse gas production by 25% by 2020. Electricity and natural gas used to get little more thought from most industrial consumers than having accounting pay the bills. But not anymore. Today, users are increasingly aware that power and energy can have huge impacts on their bottom lines, and so more manufacturers are making them part of their overall efficiency and performance optimization efforts. Several of these innovators presented their experiences and lessons learned at the “Power and Energy Management Industry Forum” at the 2015 Automation Fair® event in Chicago. New Jobs for Energy and Users Mary Burgoon, market development manager for power and energy at Rockwell Automation, reported that forces shaping power and energy include: (Read full article by clicking the link below)
  • Rockwell Automation shared an update
    PostedWednesday, December 16,2015 at 9:56 AM

    A single, scalable, plant-wide process control system provides improved visualization and access to real-time process data for growing city’s water treatment plant. In 2012, the population of Saskatoon, Canada, reached about 240,000 — enough people to produce nearly 90 million liters of wastewater per day. To achieve the highest process efficiency for treating raw sewage, and guarantee environmental safety for city residents, Saskatoon requires a sophisticated process control system at its treatment plant. (Read more)

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