Graybar Partners
11885 Lackland Rd St. Louis MO 63146 United States
Phone 1630-346-9229
Main Contacts
Willie Barnes National Market Manager - Industrial MRO & OEM Phone(314) 573-9273
Bill Mansfield Senior Vice President - Marketing Phone(314) 573-9200
Michael Maher National Product Manager - Automation Phone(314) 573-9125
Brett Felton National Market Manager - Industrial Phone(314) 573-9307
Peter Wietsma Manager, Industrial Business Phone(602) 377-1896
Dave Hrinak Phone(412) 580-3514
Ed Rice Sales Manager Phone(732) 882-4969
Brian Leckey Director, Industrial Sales - Phoenix District Phone(303) 458-3088
Paul Steckler Phone(314) 573-9377
TJ Allen Outside Sales Representative Phone(813) 253-8881
Jeff Thomas Automation Manager Phone(314) 573-1066
James Ricker National Market Manager - Industrial Phone(630) 346-9229
Steve Rasure Director Corp and Marketing Communications Phone(314) 573-5392
Dave Moeller Director of Customer Markets Phone(314) 573-9343
Virginia Aguinaga Branch Mgr Ind.
Steve Abbs Mgr Ind. Business
Andy Albright Mgr Ind. Business
Matt Barron Branch Manager
Mark Bailey Branch Mgr.
Ben Basara Mgr Ind. Business
Mike Beck Mgr Ind. Business
Mike Blankenship Mgr Ind. Business Phone(423) 646-5551
John Boswell Branch Mgr
Steven Breeden Dir Elec & Ind Sales
Bill Boykin Dir Ind. Sales
Steve Brooks Mgr Ind. Business
William Burr Branch Mgr Ind.
Jim Candemeres Strategic Account Mgr - Existing Business
Shayne Bunn Mgr Ind. Business
Hal Chassereau Dir Ind. Sales
Cory Chaney Branch Mgr Phone(512) 364-2250
Dave Dapron Mgr Ind. Business
Stacy Cook Strategic Account Mgr - New Business
Hal Chassereau Dir Ind. Sales
Tom Ciccone Mgr Ind. Business
Darren Darnell Manager - Industrial Business Phone(219) 746-4445
Matt Deloney Mgr. Ind & Elec Business
Richard Dressman Mgr Ind. Business Phone(602) 327-0908
Mike DiLallo Strategic Account Mgr - New Business
Matthew Doolittle Branch Mgr Ind.
James Driggers Branch Mgr Ind.
Ed Duda Manager - Specialty Business
Tony Edge Branch Mgr.
Earl Evans Branch Mgr Ind.
Tony Ehrman Natl Sales Mgr-Ind
Travis Ewing Sales Manager
Tony Frantal Dir Ind. Sales
Bryan Ferrier Mgr. Ind & Elec Business
Roel Franco Branch Mgr Ind.
John Finlay Branch Mgr Ind.
Barry Gipe Branch Mgr
Bob Gallant Mgr Ind. Business
Mandy Hamm Branch Manager
Tim Harbaugh Dir Ind. Sales
Bryan Hayes Dir Elec & Ind Sales
Mark Hendershot Mgr Ind. Business
Gary Hickman Branch Mgr
Mark Hickey Mgr Ind. Business Phone(865) 546-7550
Craig Jones Mgr Ind. Business
Chris Jacobs Mgr Ind. Business
David Honer Branch Mgr
Fran Kelly Mgr Ind. Business
Shawn Koch Mgr Ind. Business
Michael Koppel Sales Manager
Robin Laub Mgr Ind. Business
Bradley Lee Dir Ind. Sales
Henry Lado Branch Mgr Ind.
Rob Levine District V. P.
David Martin Branch Mgr Ind.
Cameron Mallett Branch Mgr Ind.
Tyler Maggs Dir Elec & Ind Sales
Heath McMichael Mgr Ind. Business
Todd Mcintire Mgr Ind. Business Phone(706) 833-3620
Ronald Maybaum Branch Mgr Ind.
Paul Maurer Branch Mgr
Michael Mechekoff Mgr Ind. Business
Jeff Miller Strategic Account Mgr - New Business
Patrick Miller Mgr Ind. Business
James Montemarano Dir Elec & Ind Sales
Randy Mosher Mgr Ind. Business
Tad Nichols Branch Mgr Ind.
Jose Negron Mgr Ind. Business Phone(414) 607-7838
John Nin Mgr. Automation Business
Tim Muldoon Strategic Account Mgr - Existing Business
Wendy Oldham Branch Mgr
Larry Olsiewicz Branch Mgr Ind.
Bradley Oxley Area Mgr Phone(321) 821-2540
Gino Ruiz Mgr Ind. Business
Vicente Perez Mgr Ind. Business
Ted Sidenstricker Strategic Account Mgr - Existing Business
Frank Slovacek Dir Elec & Ind Sales
Michael Schneeweis Mgr Ind. Business
Ken Smith Branch Mgr
Andy Stark Sales Manager
Marshal Tolle Strategic Account Mgr - Existing Business
John Tubbs Branch Mgr Phone(251) 706-5620
Brad Weaver Mgr Ind. Business Phone(804) 240-9523
Jeffrey Turbett Branch Mgr Ind.
Ryan Vercher Mgr Ind. Business
Adam Whitescarver Branch Mgr Ind.
David Wisniewski Sales Manager
Ed Wolk Mgr Ind. Business
Charles Yates Strategic Account Mgr - New Business
Jerry Zink Branch Mgr Ind.
Michael Biehl Technical Specialist Phone(816) 329-5727
Daryl Gilbert Sales Engineer - Industrial Automation Phone(630) 346-9229
Dennis Shaw Manager Strategic Planning Phone(630) 346-9229
John Neilson sales Phone909-764-4591
Saul Espinoza Phone(630) 346-9229
David Maldonado Phone(813) 468-2777
US - Midwest