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135 Folly Mill Rd. PO Box 457 Seabrook NH 03874 United States
Phone 1603-468-3000
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Employees25 to 100
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Rick Pierro President Phone(603) 468-3000
Mark LaRoche COO Phone(603) 468-3000
Doug Gilbert Partner Phone(202) 827-0722
Ken Hackett Business Development Manager Phone(603) 468-3111
Allen Schweitzer Chief Financial Officer Phone(603) 468-3053
  • 80 Wolf Rd, Ste 303
    Albany, NY
    United States
    Phone(603) 468-3000
Latest Updates
  • Superior Controls, Inc. shared an update
    PostedWednesday, August 14,2019 at 2:13 PM
    This is a favorite employee event each summer!
    Sixteen Superior Controls Runners Beat President Rick Pierro, Scoring Cash - Superior Controls
    Seventeen runners raced President Rick Pierro in the 22nd annual Superior Controls road race challenge in Newburyport, MA on July 30, 2019.
  • Superior Controls, Inc. shared an update
    PostedThursday, August 1,2019 at 3:35 PM
    Paramotoring: if you find yourself on YouTube and want to travel to a fast food dispensary in style, for a mere $15k and few months of not talking about anything else, you can!
    Superior Controls’ Engineer Flies 7,000 feet High with Fan Strapped to His Back - Superior Controls
    Jonathan Starr is an automation project engineer at Superior Controls. When not at work, he enjoys paramotoring - flying on a chair with a fan strapped to his back.
  • Superior Controls, Inc. shared an update
    PostedWednesday, July 10,2019 at 1:33 PM
    Ron has enjoyed his first six months at Superior Controls, citing the employees, company culture, and work ethic as some of the things he appreciates most about the company. 
    East Coast Management Team Spotlight: Ron Case - Superior Controls
    Earlier this year, Ron Case joined Superior Controls as business development manager for the New England market.
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Since 1993, Superior Controls has reliably delivered professionally executed automation and control systems integration services to leading companies in New England, throughout North America and around the globe. Being the first, and one of few CSIA Certified Members ( 6-Time!) shows Superior Controls leadership and commitment to being an industry leader, dedicated to providing quality systems to our customers.
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Verified Partnerships
Alternative energy
Food, beverage & consumer goods
Life sciences
Medical devices
Chemicals & petrochem
Advanced process controls
Batch control, recipe management
Process Safety
Manufacturing Information Systems
Asset management
Data collection, management and reporting
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Product track and trace
MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
Automated assembly
Discrete automation
Motion control
Industrial Technologies
Building Automation & Energy Management
Continuous Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
Hydraulics & pneumatics
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
Human machine interface (HMIs)
Construction & installation
Control panel assembly
Field services
Information Technologies
Cyber security
Industrial Networks - ControlNet
Industrial Networks - DeviceNet
Industrial Networks - Ethernet
Industrial Networks - EtherNet / IP
Industrial Networks - FOUNDATION fieldbus
Industrial Networks - HART
Industrial Networks - Modbus/Modbus IP
Industrial Networks - PROFINET/PROFIBUS
Radio & cell networks
Wireless communications
Material Handling and Packaging
Flow control
Inventory management
Level control
Warehouse management
Manufacturing systems consulting
Project management
Training and education
US - North East