ALERT: Ransomware Masked as Rockwell Update

PostedMonday, July 11, 2016 at 3:54 PM

ALERT: Ransomware Masked as Rockwell Update
Rockwell Automation has learned about the existence of a malicious file called ‘’ that is being distributed on the Internet. This file is NOT an official update from Rockwell Automation, and we have been informed that this file contains a type of ransomware malware that, if successfully installed and launched, may compromise the victim’s computer. This advisory is intended to raise awareness to control system owners and operators of reports of the file’s existence as a result of reports Rockwell Automation received from the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (‘E-ISAC’).”

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By Gregory Hale A ransomware attack is hitting the manufacturing automation industry posing as an Allen-Bradley update. In an email obtained by