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    Posted11 days AGO

    Fully automated controls retrofit of an entire BIB Line. The project included complete line reorganization and integration of new and existing equipment and safety controls to create a modern food production line. Key elements included pick and place servo controls, synchronization of sub systems, and creation of advanced HMI (human machine interface) work stations. There was an associated sauce kitchen (not shown) with recipe batch management and CIP (clean in place) capability which was also part of the overall project.

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Resources Shared by Suppliers
  • Energy Harvesting with the Wiegand Effect

    PostedMonday, October 29,2018 at 10:31 AM

    With the growing interest in small distributed sensors and other electronic devices
    aimed at collecting data for new application, including the “Internet of Things”, more
    attention is being paid to technologies for energy harvesting. That is, engineers
    and scientists have been on the lookout for ways to enable stand-alone devices
    to collect small amounts of energy from the surrounding physical environment to
    power an isolated electronic circuit. Reducing or eliminating the need for external
    power sources or batteries make devices more self-sufficient, more reliable, and
    reduces maintenance requirements. The Wiegand effect is a proven technology for
    harvesting small amounts of electrical power from mechanical motion.

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Resources Shared by CSIA
  • Introducing the Talking Industrial Automation Podcast!

    PostedTuesday, January 30,2018 at 4:25 PM

    The Talking Industrial Automation Podcast is a show to help you get to know the people who make modern manufacturing and processing possible. Along the way we will touch on integration technology, trends and challenges. If you are a manufacturer, end user/client, supplier or system integrator interested in industrial automation, I hope you will enjoy the insights CSIA members will bring to this podcast. CSIA is the Control System Integrators Association and exists to improve the professionalism of system integrator businesses.

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  • Delivering automation success through qualified integrators

    PostedThursday, August 3,2017 at 11:26 AM

    Two-page guide and rationale on why manufacturers and end user clients should choose system integrators that are CSIA Certified.

    Certification is a program of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). It is a certification uniquely designed for control system integration companies. The audit to achieve certification verifies business practices and is available only to CSIA members.

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