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  • Avanceon shared an update
    Posted3 days AGO
    An aging workforce has many manufacturers wondering how to pass on essential knowledge to the next generation of workers. Discover how gamification, global accessibility, and data management may be the industry’s answer.
  • Outbound Technologies, Inc. shared an update
    Posted8 days AGO
    Please welcome Kurt Radyko to the Outbound Team as our newest Controls Design Engineer in the Michigan. Kurt brings with him a track record of hands-on experience with both Rockwell and Siemens systems. Welcome to Outbound and congratulations!
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted9 days AGO
    This technical guide can help you with your initial design or give you ideas for making your current system even better.
    Optimizing PAC Project System Performance
    Updated technical note includes tips and design advice for ensuring optimal performance on all devices using PAC Project software.
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted9 days AGO
    When you use groov EPIC or groov RIO products, you can rest assured you're getting cybersecurity ready products, right out of the box.
    Your OT cybersecurity questions answered
    Get help designing a secure industrial automation system with Opto 22's cybersecurity resources.
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted9 days AGO
    Did you know that Opto 22's  groov RIO has 8 built-in TPO controllers and each can be configured for a different time period?
    TPO on groov RIO
    Learn more about Time Proportional Output (TPO) and how you can use it on the groov RIO edge I/O module.