CIMON Inc. Partners
2435 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy #100 USA Henderson NV 89052 United States
Phone 1702-820-1060
Main Contacts
Daniel Lee Sales Manager/Overseas Sales and Marketing Phone7028201062 x
David St. George Regional Sales Manager Phone7028201060 x
Anthony Rodriguez U.S. Sales & Marketing Manager Phone702-820-1060
Bill Foster Director Phone702-820-1060
CIMON is a leading industrial automation company focused on process control and manufacturing. Since its foundation in 1999, CIMON has grown from emerging Asian markets into Europe and North America thanks to several award-winning product lineups, including the Xpanel HMI series, PLC and PLC-S series, Xpanel Hybrid, UltimateAccess SCADA software, and industrial PCs. CIMON has been working with manufacturers for over 20 years and has gained the trust of well-respected companies such as LG, Samsung, General Motors, Kia, Hankook, SK Chemicals, Posco, and Durex. Hardware and software are developed simultaneously at CIMON, allowing for optimal product supply and system design solutions that increase facility efficiency and response time in the market while reducing long-term costs. Some industries CIMON works with include the automotive industry, oil and gas industry, power plants, electronics, water and wastewater management, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, food and beverage, chemical, packaging, paper and pulp, farming, and many others.
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