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Copia Automation Software for Industrial Automation Partners
20 W 22nd St. Suite 906 New York NY 10010 US
Founded 2020
Employees 25 to 100

Modern workflows that drive efficiency

Tailor-built for controls and automation engineers, Copia enables modern DevOps practices to be used in PLC programming, streamlining how industrial machinery is commissioned and operated, resulting in faster delivery and maximized uptime.

  • Shorten timelines. Copia brings Git functionality to industrial automation, enabling multiple engineers to work on a project simultaneously, and helps prevent delays due to code mishaps.
  • Improve quality. With Copia, you can quickly understand the context of why changes were made. Copia brings consistency to your team's development workflows and simplifies code reviews to maintain high quality.
  • Maximize uptime. Copia helps ensure that the correct version of your project is deployed while allowing you to quickly revert to the last known good version in case of unplanned downtime.


  • Automatic rendering of PLC programming languages
  • Visualize code and changes in the desktop and web app without needing to open in original IDEs
  • Multi-vendor support to manage code from multiple PLCs in one app

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Discrete Manufacturing
Food, beverage & consumer goods
Industrial machinery
Life sciences
PLC programming
Process engineering
General Automation
Information Management
Data Logging Software
PLM, control design