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7 Selected Takeaways from Life as an Emerging Innovator

PostedFriday, August 23,2019 at 11:08 AM

7 Selected Takeaways from Life as an Emerging Innovator

IIot. Industry 4.0. The digital transformation. These days, you hear a lot of talk about this as an emerging trend. But how many organizations are actually walking the talk?

Rising to the Challenge

Meet Marc Taccolini, a former system integrator turned entrepreneur, who is not only walking the talk, he is also developing solutions such as FactoryStudio, a platform that he says addresses “the new challenges for the 4.0 industry.”

As founder and CTO of Tatsoft, Taccolini’s journey from an integration engineer to innovator have given him a unique perspective on life, industrial automation and the future of system integration.

On Life, Industrial Automation and the Future of System Integration

During the CSIA 2019 Executive Conference, Taccolini recorded an episode of Talking Industrial Automation. Here’s a few key takeaways from that interview.

  • On approaching a new project: “When we approach projects, it should not really be a new custom design. It should be as much as possible the ability to pick up the building blocks from our previous experience and projects to set up the configuration for the new, specific installation.”
  • On a mistake he made and what he learned from it: “If you have something in-house that you believe is the future, don’t wait for the market to be ready. Lead and teach the markets.”
  • On the future of the automation industry: “All the buzz [on industry 4.0] started in 2010/2011… but now we have something practical … so the next few years will be very exciting because … all the hype we have discussed in the past few years, it’s really here now.”
  • On his advice to his younger self: “You are your own main competition. You should always look outside to the markets, but primarily focus on evolving your own company, your own product line.”
  • On his advice to prospective customers: “Look beyond the marketing hype because the same way that software technology evolved in the past 10 years, the marketing tools and packaging messages have evolved that much and more. At the end of the day, you need to have a platform that has high performance, that is reliable, and that has experience in practical factory floor requirements – so make sure you also do that technical dive in, and not go only on marketing hype or because you see what other people are doing.”
  • On how to choose a system integrator: “Experience is key. That should be the No. 1 factor. The No. 2 would be to make sure the engineering company as a close relationship with their suppliers that they will be using in their environment.”

To read, listen or watch more from Marc Taccolini, visit the Featured Interview page on the Industrial Automation Exchange.

Photo credit: Christopher Burns.