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AddedWednesday, June 12,2019 at 11:20 AM

Connecting with Industrial Automation Companies

I just joined the Industrial Automation exchange. Looking forward to connecting and collaborating. 

I am a co-founder of an Industrial Cybersecurity company conceived by the team of Industrial cybersecurity leaders to create a specialized advisory & consulting services organization to ensure protection for the people and assets in “everything” connected Industrial Cybersecurity (ICS) world. We focus on industrial control & critical infrastructure security & battling security breaches that pose a substantial threat to safety, reliability & productivity in an Industrial environment. Operating on a global scale, we support large organizations that rely on our expertise to protect their critical assets

I would like to work with integrators who are helping customers with their digital transformation journey as we provide a Cyber Security Blueprint for digital transformation, covering end to end edge to cloud architecture.

Please reach out to me and let's connect.

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