Diane Haig

Diane Haig

Chief Knowledge Officer, Applied Manufacturing Technologies
Orion, MI, US
(o) +1 248.409.2051
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  • PostedSeptember 1, 2020


    The modular network of conveyance transfers boxes between the production packing area and the palletizing area. The conveyor system manages the flow of products from operator packing tables into a single lane. This ensures that every package is properly monitored through the x-ray equipment .
    Custom automation works to properly read and sort packages by order by mechanically diverting into accumulation lanes. A FANUC R2000 robot handles box rows to build pallet orders, including slip sheets. Completed pallets are transferred out of the robot area shipping after first being wrapped for stability. As pallets exit, the system an automatic pallet feeder inserts empty pallets to the robot area for new order fulfillment.

    System advantages:
    • Package conveyance & sortation according to order parameters
    • Product transfer in line with quality process control
    • Reduction of manual operations & increased throughput
    • Scalable automation areas suited to respond to future production needs

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  • PostedJuly 29, 2019


    The system is designed to process rear suspension knuckles for passenger vehicles and starts with unfinished casting and delivers machined knuckles with a pressed bushing installed. The system has 2 major sub-systems: Machining and Assembly which are connected by a pallet conveyor system. The cell consists of 6 CNC machines, 2 overhead Fanuc gantry robots, pallet conveyor system, bushing bowl feeder and singulation, robotically tended automated poke yoke and servo-controlled bushing assembly stations.

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