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I need a small automated machine that can grind/bevel an edge on about 1”x1” round/oblong acrylic pieces.
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I need a small automated machine that can grind/bevel an edge on about 1”x1” round/oblong acrylic pieces. The material is Cast Acrylic, and the thickness of the material is from about 1mm to 4mm on average. I'm looking to process about 1300 to 1500 picks per day. I think I'll need a hopper/vibrating bowl, feeder, maybe two hydraulic shafts with rubber on the ends to sandwich/hold the material (just like a lens beveller) then rotate it 360 onto a grinding wheel or diamond wheel with a v-notch (or custom curved notch of some kind). then release it into a collection basket below once done. I think that it will have to follow a template of the acrylic shape as a guide because of the different shapes that need to be beveled/grinded. Anyways, it’s a small single purpose automation machine that I need, I would like to get some kind of an idea on how much something like this would cost. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ This question was posted by Tony Veroeven of CSIA on a client's behalf. Please post your answer with your contact info. I will notify the client to read your answers.
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  • Answered Monday, August 31,2015 at 10:27 AM
    This is similar to the glass edging equipment that we built at Royal Tool / Sun Tool where I was employed as Engineering Manager. The Sun Tool equipment was designed to edge grind glass / ceramic shapes using a diamond grinding wheel and cam follower arrangement. The tapered cam follower was mounted precisely below the diamond wheel and was held up against a cam which was the shape of the desired finished part. The part was clamped in place with an air cylinder and rotated to edge grind the part to the desired finished size and shape. My rough estimate for Matrix Technologies to design and build an automated machine with bowl feeder??, automatic loader/ unloader, grinding wheel/ cam follower arrangement, locating / clamping system, grinding coolant system, cams, diamond wheels, electrical controls, engineering, etc. is in the range of $ 150,000 to $ 200,000.
  • Answered Friday, August 28,2015 at 12:25 AM
    I believe we can help you! Please contact me directly via email at ediehl@conceptsystemsinc.com, or by phone at 541.791.8140 to discuss the application further.