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With thousands of qualified integrators and suppliers, the CSIA Industrial Automation Exchange helps system integrators, industry suppliers and manufacturers/end users connect and do business.

That makes the Exchange a one-stop shop where end users can compare integrators, determine which products to use and have questions answered by specialists in the field

Manufacturers/End Users
If you are a manufacturer/end user, you can use the Exchange to:

  • Compare and contact system integrators and suppliers.
  • Ask or answer questions in the “Ask a Question ” section.
  • Subscribe to the blog or browse the Automation Library.

System Integrators and Suppliers
If you are a system integrator or a supplier, you can join the Exchange and create a basic profile – you do not need to be a member of CSIA – it’s open to all! However, if you want a more robust profile – including popping to the top in searches and more tags for filtered searches – you’ll want to upgrade your profile. With an upgraded profile you can:

  • Create an engaging, keyword-rich profile that details areas of expertise, industries, certifications and more.
  • Upload highly-valued content such as white papers and case studies into the crowd-sourced Automation Library
  • Add your business development, sales and key contacts so that end users can get in touch with just one click
  • Leveraging the collective, keyword-rich content across the site to fuel your SEO and digital marketing efforts

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Joining the Exchange is easy. Simply fill out this short signup form to start populating your basic profile today !

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Complete this form with your information and select your employer. Please give us a couple of days to validate your identity.

It will take up to 48 hours to confirm your registration via email (don’t forget to check your spam folder).

Joining CSIA Exchange has many advantages! Once logged in to the platform, you can immediately:

  • Compare and contact several system integrators
  • Create your own profile to ask questions, subscribe to the blog, manage updates
  • Compare and contact industry suppliers

CSIA Members: Log in using your login credentials with CSIA or the CSIA’s Connected Community. If you've never logged in, your password will be CSIA plus your first and last initials, all capitalized.

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