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    PostedWednesday, January 24, 2018 at 3:56 PM

    Food (pork) producer in South Korea may require system integrator help.

    Food producer is a small operation in South Korea. He is producing some pork products, bacon or bacon bits. He has a preliminary process where he weighs and mixes various spices to go into a spice blend. After that, he has another mixing and blending step that takes the mix spices that combines them with nitrates and salts and other ingredients. That then goes on the pork bellies. He's doing all this with manual measurements. 
    This is all I know. Please post your willingness to discuss your capabilities and contact information here in response. You must be logged in to the Exchange to respond.
    I will ensure that our media contact shares this page with the producer. 
    Thank you,
    Tony Veroeven
    CSIA Marketing Manager
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