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Our member Integrators specializing in the unique needs of textile manufacturers deliver the automation expertise you need to gain a competitive edge. 

CSIA members specializing in the textile industry are experts in automation and control solutions for manufacturers of textile fibers, apparel and other sewn products. In recent years, U.S. textile companies are leveraging automation to win back business previously lost to cheaper labor rates overseas. As the competitive gap narrows with rising overseas labor rates, U.S. textile manufacturers have focused on retooling their businesses, finding more effective work processes, and controlling costs. Automation is a major key to shorten product lifecycles and improve time-to-market, quality and cost competitiveness. 

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Techniques for spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, and garment manufacture have evolved immensely in recent years. Our members’ knowledge and expertise in technology advances can help you enhance your production and efficiency.   

  • Advancement in automation components including PLCs, electric motors, actuators, valves, HMI, and MES systems have led to increases in efficiency, production rates, predictive maintenance and more.
  • Emerging robotic technology with high performance vision systems can significantly improve speed of repetitive tasks and sewing which previously required manual labor.
  • Leverage big data with IIoT and cloud solutions for intelligent data collection and analytics for informed decision making to improved processes, efficiency and quality control.
  • Meet demand for product differentiation with flexible manufacturing strategies to manufacture multiple products on one machine.
  • Utilize control and automated solutions for Inter-linking of sequential machinery processes, tracking, routing and tracing products.
  • Utilize automated solutions for stacking, packing, filling and moving finished goods.
  • Increase workforce safety and uptime with proven safety systems including advanced PLCs with built-in safety.
  • Extend existing equipment’s useful life with a retrofit replacing legacy controls with new and more advance electrical control systems.

When your project requires automation, let CSIA be your guide. You can be confident you will get the solution and results you want and need with a control system integrator who belongs to CSIA. Search for Integrators that can help with your textile manufacturing automation needs.

Search for Integrators in this Industry