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AddedWednesday, November 22,2017 at 7:51 AM

Query to System Integrators with experience in Food & Beverage industry.
What kind of pricing models (milestone based, time &material based, cost-plus etc.) are most preferred by System Integrators when dealing with F&B industry customer?

Kindly leave your reply and let us know if we can publish your statement in our presentation to F&B clients, we can discuss on that.
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  • Dan Carlsen , Secure Controls, LLC
    Answered Wednesday, January 16,2019 at 5:38 PM
    I have been seeing more and more food and beverage customers that are looking for a fixed price bid on their projects. 
    My company is more service based and does not build panels in-house. In my case I approach this as any project by estimating the cost of my engineering and overhead and then adding my material cost + %.
    For larger projects such as a machine rebuild we would use the same method to determine our pricing and put payment milestones in our quotation. This protects the client as well as us.