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Dave Hellyer Vice President - Business Development Tatsoft, LLC Houston, TX
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AddedFriday, February 17,2017 at 6:43 PM

Hi Michael, I'm the VP of Sales for Tatsoft, also a CSIA member, I tried to reach you by phone today but was disconnected.
I was disconnected twice, but I know those things can happen.  I am going to be in the Portland area next Tuesday (Feb 21) and have the afternoon available.  I am hoping to meet you to learn about the SCADA systems you create for customers, and to show you how a .NET-to-the-core product like FactoryStudio from Tatsoft can provide a better path forward for both you and your customers.

Please call me at my office direct number of (630)566-9078, or email me at to let me know I can stop by on Tuesday in the afternoon.

Thank you,

Dave Hellyer
Tatsoft llc 
Office direct: 630-566-9078
Mobile: 779-861-1533
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