• Xavier  Mesrobian
    Xavier Mesrobian , Skkynet
    PostedJune 13, 2022 AT 12:20 PM

    Xavier Mesrobian is Vice President Sales and Marketing at Skkynet Cloud Systems.


    Do you specialize in any industry, product, or discipline?
    One of the beauties of our product is that we are industry independent. We're agnostic. We connect ...
  • Bryan  Powrozek CPA, CGMA, MBA
    PostedJune 9, 2022 AT 12:49 PM

    Talking Industrial Automation Host Lisa Richter appeared on the Sound of Automation podcast, produced by Clayton & McKervey and hosted by Bryan Powrozek, Sr. Manager Industrial Automation. This is a partial transcript from that crossover episode.


    A conversation about the future of work would not be complete without discussing the impact on people. How are system integrators adjusting their approaches to attracting, recruiting and retaining talent?
    Making sure that you've got the right people in the right roles and maybe some of those roles need ...
  • Tony  Valasek
    Tony Valasek , EOSYS
    PostedMay 18, 2022 AT 1:14 PM

    Tony Valasek is director of engineering for EOSYS.


    How did the company begin and how has it evolved?
    Everyone has heard about a company starting in a garage. Ours is one that started in the penthouse ...
  • Walker  Mattox
    Walker Mattox , Gray Solutions
    PostedApril 14, 2022 AT 5:41 PM

    Walker Mattox is CEO of Gray Solutions.



    Getting back more specifically to Gray Solutions, talk a little bit about the culture there and what it means to be a Solutioneer.
    Gray has been an amazing employer, particularly in the in the Southeast, for 60 plus years. So, ...
  • Tor-Inge  Eriksen
    Tor-Inge Eriksen , Clarify
    PostedMarch 14, 2022 AT 12:50 PM

    Tor-Inge Eriksen is CTO of Clarify.


    How has Clarify grown and changed in the past year and what are your expectations for the company in the next 12 to 24 months?
    We've basically been concentrating on the Norwegian market. We've spent a lot of time in the field, ...
  • Bob  Vavra
    Bob Vavra , Endeavor Business Media
    PostedFebruary 17, 2022 AT 1:55 PM

    Bob Vavra is senior content director for Machine Design and Power & Motion, both published by Endeavor Business Media.


    How do you describe to laypeople what you do?
    I go back to the storytelling idea. I tell people, “Look, I’m not an engineer.” I say, “The only ...
  • Kerry  Grimes
    Kerry Grimes , AVEVA Solutions Limited
    PostedJanuary 14, 2022 AT 5:45 PM

    Kerry K. Grimes is SVP and Global Head of Partners, AVEVA Partner Network.


    How do you describe to lay people what you do?
    How do I describe what I do? It’s digital transformation, but digital transformation for older ...
  • Adrian  Fahey
    Adrian Fahey , SAGE Group
    PostedDecember 14, 2021 AT 2:41 PM

    Adrian Fahey is managing director and CEO of SAGE Group in Australia.

    Do you specialize in any industry, product or discipline, why or why not?
    Our story to date has been one of diversification. Starting in one industry sector in automotive, ...
  • Sam  Cafferata
    Sam Cafferata , Concept Systems Inc.
    PostedNovember 19, 2021 AT 5:52 PM

    Sam Cafferata is principal engineer and Controls Group Team Leader for Concept Systems.

    Thank you to Xometry for sponsoring this episode. 


    Concept is a CSIA-certified control system integrator. When someone asks, “Why should I hire CSIA-certified?” what would you tell them?
    Certification means that you’re going to be getting a qualified integrator and you’re going to be ...
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