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  • Jason  Sanders
    Jason Sanders , Leister Technologies LLC
    AddedMay 13, 2020 AT 8:23 AM

    A Sanders is product specialist and manager of the Industrial Heat Division at Leister Technologies, in Itasca, Illinois.

    Why did you choose a career in automation control system integration?
    My story is like many in the industry. I got involved with sales/product management by accident ...
  • Chris  Schleich
    Chris Schleich , Enterprise Automation
    AddedApril 15, 2020 AT 9:10 AM

    Chris Schleich is an engineering manager for Enterprise Automation.

    Note: This interview was conducted on March 19, 2020, a time when many states in America were issuing shelter in place orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Why did you choose a career in control system integration?
    I knew by the middle of college that this was the industry I wanted to go into. My aha moment was ...
  • Rick  Brookshire
    Rick Brookshire , Epson Robots
    AddedMarch 9, 2020 AT 12:12 PM

    Rick Brookshire is director of product development for Epson Robots.

    Please share the history of how Epson began and how the company evolved into the automation industry.
    We started some 40 some years ago because of the watch industry. As many people know, Seiko Epson ...
  • Julie  Gaier
    Julie Gaier , TRG Marketing
    AddedFebruary 19, 2020 AT 2:15 PM

    Julie Gaier is a content marketing specialist for TRG Marketing.

    You are an Emmy-Award winning journalist. Can you expand on that? Where did you work? What kind of stories did you cover?
    I spent about 20 years in television news, and 16 of those were as a general assignment reporter. I ...
  • Chris A Tury Jr.
    Chris A Tury Jr. , Outbound Technologies, Inc.
    AddedJanuary 16, 2020 AT 6:20 AM

    Chris Tury is partner and general manager for Outbound Technologies Inc.

    Can you give a little history about how Outbound Technologies Inc. (OTC) began and grew?
    We were founded in 1994 in the Detroit area. We got our start in the abatement industry, which is ...
  • Jim  Biehl
    Jim Biehl , Clayton & McKervey: CPAs for Systems Integrators
    AddedDecember 10, 2019 AT 10:10 AM

    Jim Biehl is a shareholder with Clayton and McKervey.

    To read a blog post about this topic, go here .

    For starters, why don’t you talk a little bit about your background?
    I am a shareholder of Clayton and McKervey. We’re a regional CPA firm, in Southfield, just north of ...
  • Pete  Atkin
    Pete Atkin , Samsara
    AddedNovember 19, 2019 AT 9:13 AM

    Pete Atkin is vice president and general manager of Samsara Industrial in San Francisco.

    How did you land where you are today?
    I spent several years as a management consultant working with big industrial companies on topics ...
  • Ranbir  Saini
    Ranbir Saini , GE Digital
    AddedOctober 24, 2019 AT 9:20 AM

    Ranbir Saini is senior director of digital product management for GE Digital.

    The following is a partial transcript of Episode 32 of the Talking Industrial Automation podcast. To hear or watch the full interview, click on the links below. The transcript has been edited for brevity and ...
    Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about your background and how you came to be with GE Digital?
    Sure. I’ll start at the early days. I started at a startup. It was amazing. We [got paid] over ...
  • Bruno  Wilson
    Bruno Wilson , Encoder Products Company
    AddedOctober 15, 2019 AT 8:05 AM

    Bruno Wilson is national business development engineer at Encoder Products Company, headquartered in Sagle, Idaho.

    The following is a partial transcript of Episode 31 of the Talking Industrial Automation podcast. To hear the full interview, click on this link.

    Why did you chose a career at an organization that manufactures devices for the automation industry?
    When I went in for my interview with Encoder Products Company (EPC), I saw a huge opportunity for ...
  • Marc  Taccolini
    Marc Taccolini , Tatsoft, LLC
    AddedAugust 5, 2019 AT 10:36 AM

    Marc Taccolini is founder and CTO of Tatsoft, a platform developer for real-time factory-floor data monitoring, SCADA and HMI Systems, distributed data aggregation and advanced visualization tools.


    How do you describe to lay people what you do?