Victor Tran

Victor Tran
Application Engineer, Affinity Energy
Victor Tran is an Application Engineer at Affinity Energy, with over four years of experience in web and software development. His responsibilities include maintaining Affinity Energy’s in-house energy tracking, trending, and reporting tool Utilitrend, managing the company’s IT infrastructure, and developing in-house applications. Victor began his career at Central Washington University as a Web Content Specialist, and transitioned to Lead Android Developer at YBU Mobile where he developed a Google Play app with over 5,000 downloads. He joined Affinity Energy in 2013 and subsequently gained his certification in VTScada operations and configuration training, certification in VTScada advanced configuration and scripting, and Microsoft Certified Professional accreditation. His contributions at Affinity Energy include major enhancements to the emergency monitoring systems at Bank of America and the City of Concord Utilitrend system. Victor graduated from Central Washington University with a B.S. in Computer Science and double minored in Mathematics and IT Web Design and Project Management. He enjoys learning new technologies and keeping up with industry standards.
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