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With my past couple of projects, I have seen an increase in requests to take on more and more aspects of the project instead of simply integrating a system and clocking out. Keeping things on schedule time-wise while working with these given products within this budget, etc. There's been plenty of talk about project life cycles and avoiding scope creep. Any simple tips or words of advice going into a new project and being asked to lead the project?
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  • Answered Monday, April 20,2015 at 3:03 PM
    It sounds like you are being asked to take on the Project Management responsibility for your projects. The simple tip would be to advise you to make sure you have a firm understanding of the project scope, schedule, and budget. Particularly how each of these elements drive each other. Be sure to put together a project plan at the beginning of the project. Begin by first clearly identifying the scope and deliverables you are to provide. Translate the scope into tasks to be completed and their interdependence. Then assess the time required to complete each task. This will identify your schedule and budget. This can sometimes require a couple iterations to clearly define the final scope, schedule, and budget.
  • Answered Thursday, April 16,2015 at 3:38 PM
    Being asked to take on the expanded role of Project Manager is a great privilege. We believe that this is so important that we spent the last year investing in Project Management training for our entire company. Everyone! What our company learned is that everyone on our team plays a role in how we deliver effective project management. We used the PMP model and I can tell you it brought great clarity to our ability to help our customers. Not everyone on our team bought into that, and some left as a result. But the bottom line is that it IS important to make sure the customer has that capability available to them, whether it's internally or externally provided.