Bruce Marson

Bruce Marson
President, Engineered Energy Solutions, Inc.
Warren, NJ, US
(o) +1 908.252.3800
Bruce is the president/CEO of EES. He has been with the company since 1992. Bruce has developed internal processes at EES for standard documentation and project methodologies. He is responsible for design, fabrication, and testing of all EES control systems. He is also a project manager and has provided field support, startup, and commissioning services for several major clients. He has also provided validation services and documentation for HVAC and related systems for many pharmaceutical clients. Bruce has an extensive background in software development, electrical troubleshooting, wiring interfaces, and design engineering. As production manager, Bruce manages the scheduling of the field support staff to meet clients needs in both new installations and service contracts. His responsibilities also include administrative and financial management of all contracts to ensure they come in on-time and under budget. As a project manager, Bruce has worked on a variety of projects. Specific technical work has included hardware and software engineering in the design, implementation, commissioning and validation of PLC based building systems in critical and non-critical load applications. He has been the lead technical and commercial manager of several pharmaceutical manufacturing suite HVAC system installations. Bruce has done extensive work in the field of energy management. He has developed and implemented many successful control schemes for chilled water plants and their associated loads. He has performed document development and execution of commissioning on two LEED projects. He has assisted on numerous audits to support the design of energy-efficient control systems. He has built scientific testing platforms for heat exchanger performance verification for the University of Maryland, and is listed on the patent for design of OTEC power plants. Professional Certifications Certified Energy Manager Professional Affiliations Member, New Jersey Association of Energy Engineers Patents Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Plant Design
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