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Do you think Facebook and Twitter are useful marketing tools for system integration companies?
With the rise of social media, businesses have embraced the platform as a means to advertise their company, products, or services. Most companies have pages set up to some extent. But would you say that Facebook or Twitter plays a significant role in the System Integration or Automation Industry? What role do you see these options playing in your marketing scheme?
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  • Answered Tuesday, September 16,2014 at 3:51 PM
    let me give you a two part answer: Facebook - most consider that a B2C opportunity (business to consumer). If you are selling to a consumer market, then the advertising you can do in Facebook is excellent. If you are B2B, then Facebook relevance is far lower. Twitter - Twitter has two uses. 1) to follow items of interest to you. You can have a Twitter account and just read. Tweeting is optional. Alternately, you can use it as a tool to reach out to the masses, B or C. But this is only helpful if you've developed your following. A following is created through the relevance of your tweets. They need to be on topic and relevant to your line of business. If you have multiple lines of business, then you need multiple twitter feeds. Nobody likes drinking from a fire hose. Bonus - don't overlook Linked-In. It is also a very powerful communication tool. Managing all these can become a challenge. Look into a tool like HootSuite to manage your streams in a more streamlined way.
  • Answered Tuesday, September 16,2014 at 8:53 AM
    We've had some success with tweeting about trade shows where we have a booth - a couple of people have found us at the event because of our tweets. We use FB primarily as a tool to engage and support our own employees, and LinkedIn to support recruiting.