Sometimes a new site can be confusing. We’re trying to make the site as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, but if something isn’t clear, the resources below may help, including short how-to videos.

How do I log on to the Exchange?

If you are a member of CSIA, you can use the same log in information for this site and it will work. If you are not a member of the CSIA, you will need to create a profile first. You can do that here.

Don’t remember your log in information? Follow this link to quickly reset of your password.

Here is a short video tutorial about Logging in:

Download Video

How do I search The Exchange?

Looking for a control system integrator or supplier? You've come to the right place. Search thousands of profiles to find the right partners for your projects. Here's how. 

Download Video

How do I edit my company’s profile?

Once you are logged in, you should see “Manage Profile(s)” at the top. If you scroll over it, it should drop down with an option to edit your personal profile or your company’s profile. If you click on your company’s name, it’ll take you to your company’s profile, where there will be a yellow button labeled “Edit Organization.

Here is a short video tutorial about Editing Your Company’s Profile:

Download Video

How can I get my company to appear on the Exchange?

If you search the Exchange and find your company is not yet on the site, your first step is to create your own personal profile.

Once that is created, you will see the option to “Add Organization” as you are editing your personal profile. We’ll verify the information is correct and your company will be added!


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