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Skkynet is a global leader in real-time middleware to securely acquire, monitor, control, visualize, network and consolidate live process data in-plant or over insecure networks. In plant, Skkynet offers Cogent DataHub®, an industrial middleware solution that connects to virtually any industrial system using standard protocols such as OPC, Modbus, TCP, and ODBC to support OPC networking, server-server bridging, aggregation, data logging, redundancy, and web-based HMI. For IoT, Skkynet’s SkkyHub service lets you securely network your data to other locations, consolidate info from remote plants and devices, share data for predictive maintenance, or use a web HMI to view data anywhere. Secured by design, SkkyHub requires no security hardware, VPN, or changes to IT policies, yet your plant systems remain invisible to the Internet.
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  • PostedTuesday, March 8,2016 at 11:39 AM

    Remote data access is not new. However, several fundamental problems have arisen from a need to provide secure remote access to real-time systems on the Industrial IoT. Find out how a secure-by-design approach closes all firewalls and eliminates exposure to the Internet, IT networks, and plant networks–all with no VPN or additional hardware or software.

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  • PostedTuesday, March 8,2016 at 10:27 AM

    The Industrial IoT is different from the regular IoT. Mission-critical industrial systems are not like consumer or business IT applications. Performance is crucial. Most IT systems are built around a relational database, a repository of data that clients can add to or access, where a response time of a second or two is acceptable. IT data is typically sent across a network via HTML or XML, which adds complexity to the raw data, and consumes bandwidth. Although fine for office or home use, these technologies are not sufficient for the Industrial IoT.

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“The backup data log is perfectly accurate, and the connection to the corporate network is functioning just as we had planned. We couldn’t have done it so easily or so well without the Cogent DataHub.”
Mario Mendizabal Minera San Cristobal, owned by Apex Silver and Sumitomo Corporation
"For us, this OPC tunnel is very good, because we only need to open one port, and we are secure from DCOM break-ins”
Michele Mannucci ABB, Italy
“The DataHub is running very well. We do a lot of data integration in many projects. We have a good feeling for this product. We have chosen the right solution.”
Carsten Barsballe Siemens, Denmark