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  • Allan Evora
    President, Executive Management
    Affinity Energy
    " Allan Evora is President of Affinity Energy with over 20 years of industry experience working in every capacity of the power ..." 
  • PC Romano
    Avid Solutions
    " Piercarlo “PC” Romano is president of Avid Solutions , a CSIA Certified control system integrator company, located ..." 
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  • Affinity Energy shared an update
    Posted2 days AGO
    The basics behind solar module bin class, and why it will negatively affect total plant output if "one of these things is not like the other." https://youtu.be/r3SGGeJD024
    How Module Mismatch Affects Solar Plant Production
    Learn more at https://affinityenergy.com - Sometimes, PV site designers think they can easily add extra solar modules onto strings...because there are a few extra yards of space in the row. Here's why that actually harms energy production and overal ...
  • Honeywell Process Solutions shared an update
    Posted3 days AGO
    Chemical engineering students recognized with UniSim® Design Challenge award at annual customer symposium 
    Students Use Honeywell Software To Simulate Turning Algae Into Ethylene
    Two students from the Izmir Institute of Technology, who used Honeywell’s simulation software to demonstrate how to produce petrochemicals from algae, have been named the winners of HPS annual UniSim Design Challenge.
  • Honeywell Process Solutions shared an update
    Posted3 days AGO
    ControlEdge PLC Users benefit from an easier configuration, efficient operations, and reduced maintenance as the PLC helps liberate plant personnel from manual processes. Watch the video to find out more
    The IIoT-Ready PLC Solution from Honeywell
    ControlEdge™ PLC, when combined with Experion®, reduces integration costs for balance of plant operations, minimizes downtime through unified support, decreases risk with embedded cyber security, and lowers total cost of ownership through extended sy ...
  • POSITAL - FRABA Inc shared an update
    Posted4 days AGO
    Inclinometers with Dynamic Acceleration Compensation
    POSITAL’s TILTIX inclinometers are based on MEMS accelerometers that rely on monitoring the effect of gravity on a tiny mass suspended in an elastic support structure. Unfortunately, accelerations (e.g. due to rapid motion of the equipment to which ...

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