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  • Timothy S. Matheny
    ECS Solutions, Inc.
    " Tim Matheny is the president of  ECS Solutions , a  CSIA Certified system integrator in Evansville, Indiana. He ..." 
  • Steve Goldberg
    Senior Project Engineer
    Matrix Technologies, Inc.
    " Steve Goldberg is Senior Project Engineer at Matrix Technologies , a CSIA Certified control system integrator company, ..." 
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  • Matrix Technologies, Inc. shared an update
    Posted6 hours and 12 minutes AGO
    Matrix Technologies, Inc. remains platform-independent | Matrix Technologies Incorporated
    Matrix Technologies, Inc., one of the largest system integration and industrial engineering firms in North America, decides to remain a privately-held, independent System Integrator. Matrix Technologies, Inc., incorporated in 1980, remains one of the ...
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted7 days AGO
    If you've explored the IBM® Bluemix® cloud platform for the IoT, you may be wondering how you'd use the SNAP PAC RESTful API to send real-world data to Watson IoT™. http://blog.opto22.com/optoblog/optonews-connecting-industrial-devices-to-ibm-watson-iot
    OptoNews: Connecting industrial devices to IBM Watson IoT
    Use the built-in RESTful API in Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers to connect with IBM Watson IoT via Bluemix
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted7 days AGO
    New IoT webinar video! The real value is in accessing the useful data currently locked in automation systems and equipment: the Industrial Internet of Things. http://blog.opto22.com/optoblog/optonews-new-iiot-real-world-case-study-and-presentation-video
    OptoNews: New IIoT real-world case study and presentation video
    System integrator uses Industrial Internet of Things technology to vastly increase revenue from old equipment; engineer explores IIoT issues
  • OPTO 22 shared an update
    Posted7 days AGO
    Updates for PAC Project, groov, E1/E2 available now. We're constantly updating software and firmware to fix issues, improve security and performance, and add enhancements. http://blog.opto22.com/optoblog/optonews-updates-for-pac-project-groov-e1e2
    OptoNews: Updates for PAC Project, groov, E1/E2
    Just-released software and firmware updates fix issues and offer new enhancements.

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