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  • Travis Erpenbach
    TEXLA District Manager
    Carlton-Bates Company
    " Travis Erpenbach  is the Manager of Strategic Programs for  Carlton-Bates Company  (CBC), a CSiA Partner ..." 
  • Timothy S. Matheny
    ECS Solutions, Inc.
    " Tim Matheny is the president of  ECS Solutions , a  CSIA Certified system integrator in Evansville, Indiana. He ..." 
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  • Carlton-Bates Company shared an update
    Posted2 hours and 38 minutes AGO
    Control Design Online calls encoders "the pulse of motion." Learn the terms: encoders, rotary, linear, incremental and absolute. CBC offers: Eaton, Encoder Products Company, Turck USA, Honeywell, Red Lion Controls, Grayhill, Omron HTTP://BIT.LY/2X16NAW
  • Avanceon shared an update
    Posted5 hours and 23 minutes AGO
    Have you ever asked yourself what exactly does it mean to be endorsed? Read why an integrator’s endorsed status should have some bearing on your decision making progress.
    What’s Endorsed Got to Do With It? – Avanceon
    When shopping for an integrator to deliver your Wonderware (AVEVA) solution, have you seen those Partner badges that say Certified or Endorsed and wondered what they mean? Or even more, what bearing should they have on your decision about who to pick ...
  • Bosch Rexroth shared an update
    Posted7 hours and 8 minutes AGO
    Consumer behavior drives manufacturing. Bosch Rexroth presents a shop floor that adapts to new tasks at any time with minimal effort & independent of batch size. Join us at PACK EXPO in Chicago, October 14-17th, https://bit.ly/2QkQpDt
  • Phoenix Contact shared an update
    Posted10 hours and 28 minutes AGO
    NovaTech upgrades from a traditional passive diode to the Phoenix Contact ORING module to reliably balance load sharing between redundant power supply applications.
    NovaTech uses ORING modules to better serve customers
    NovaTech Process Solutions makes electric utilities and process manufacturing industries more reliable and efficient, more sustainable, and more secure. One of the keys to NovaTech’s success is their creativity in adapting new technology to better ...
  • Phoenix Contact shared an update
    Posted10 hours and 32 minutes AGO
    See how Phoenix Contact helps United Silicone implement safety solutions that require more than a simple e-stop button guarding the system.
    TRISAFE creates full-system solution for monitoring in decorating machines
    https://www.phoenixcontact.com/confidence_trisafeYT Over the last century, Phoenix Contact transformed from a basic terminal block manufacturer to a full-system solution partner. In this video, you will see how Phoenix Contact’s TRISAFE safety devic ...

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