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  • Timothy S. Matheny
    ECS Solutions, Inc.
    " Tim Matheny is the president of  ECS Solutions , a  CSIA Certified system integrator in Evansville, Indiana. He ..." 
  • Steve Goldberg
    Senior Project Engineer
    Matrix Technologies, Inc.
    " Steve Goldberg is Senior Project Engineer at Matrix Technologies , a CSIA Certified control system integrator company, ..." 
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  • Stratus Technologies shared an update
    Posted17 hours and 45 minutes AGO
    With the ability to collect, process and analyze data in one, single location, edge computing drives operational excellence while reducing the amount of time and resources spent.
    Edge Computing Solutions & Infrastructure | Stratus
    Edge computing requires always-on availability for applications running with little IT support, a growing network & a need for heavy processing. Learn more.
  • Stratus Technologies shared an update
    Posted18 hours and 6 minutes AGO
    Is now time to really focus on the Edge? NEW Market Report answers that question and more. 
    ARC Report - Is now time to really focus on the Edge? | Stratus
    Given the hype around IIoT, ARC Advisory Group, the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure, asks if it is time to really focus on the Edge.
  • Canary Labs, Inc. shared an update
    Posted18 hours and 43 minutes AGO
    Founder Gary Stern responds to the question "Do I have to log data locally or can I install the logger remote to the data source?" 
    The answer may surprise you!  #askgary 
    Canary Labs Blog: The Benefit of Local Logging
    The ninth edition of a weekly Question and Answer column with Gary Stern, President and Founder of Canary Labs. Have a question you would li...
  • Affinity Energy shared an update
    Posted20 hours and 25 minutes AGO
    What’s on the horizon for PV plant controls? https://goo.gl/3StfaW
    Three Trends for Optimizing Utility-Scale Solar Ramp Rate Controls in 2018 - Affinity Energy
    The biggest problem with high penetration solar is ramping. That’s why the biggest change I predict for 2018 is an increased desire for ramp rate controls.
  • Carlton-Bates Company shared an update
    Posted5 days AGO
    Learn how Hoffman can keep you safe while working on live electrical equipment by watching this video. http://bit.ly/2k8nD9V
    Avoiding Arc Flash – Hoffman’s Approach to Increased Safety - YouTube
    Learn how Hoffman can help you stay safe when working on live electrical equipment through our SEQUESTR external disconnect enclosure, IR windows and other a...

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