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  • Steve Goldberg
    Senior Project Engineer
    Matrix Technologies, Inc.
    " Steve Goldberg is Senior Project Engineer at Matrix Technologies , a CSIA Certified control system integrator company, ..." 
  • Timothy S. Matheny
    ECS Solutions, Inc.
    " Tim Matheny is the president of  ECS Solutions , a  CSIA Certified system integrator in Evansville, Indiana. He ..." 
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  • Affinity Energy shared an update
    Posted3 days AGO
    On-demand webinar: Automating hospital EPSS and generator compliance for NFPA 110. https://goo.gl/B885pM
    Webinar: Automating the Testing and Reporting of Emergency Power Supply Systems
    Learn the best way to implement automated generator testing adn reporting through a diagnostic tool that also helps icnrease the longevity and performance of your emergency power supply system.
  • Carlton-Bates Company shared an update
    Posted4 days AGO
    For System Integrators and Custom Panel Builders, does distributed I/O architecture make sense? http://bit.ly/2w7faZg
    Does distributed I/O architecture make sense?
    The case for and against distributed I/O architecture.
  • Affinity Energy shared an update
    Posted4 days AGO
    Overspecification and underspecification can lead to excess cost and perhaps missed expectations on SCADA implementation. https://goo.gl/BPsdQR
    CSIA - "Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should" and other SCADA Implementation Pet Peeves
    Overspecifying or underspecifying device points needlessly drives up SCADA implementation costs

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